Products are manufactured by using an advance highly technological equipment of the company in compliance with international quality standards ISO 9001 2011


ORTO mats have an increased armoured grating on the inside, providing endurance, volume, height, additional heat insulating properties and weight. We do not save on raw materials!


Products have been developed under supervision of leading doctors - orthopaedists, specialists of therapeutic exercise, and have been tested in our medical centre.


Various textures and various hardness of ORTO mats allow for creation of countless combinations for reaching various effects of massage, as well as there are specially developed mats for children with valgoid/varus orientation of feet, club-foot and flat foot issues.


By means of unique attachments, ORTO massage mats can be easily attached to each other according to puzzle principle, and they are also equipped with reinforced edging along the perimeter that allows for steady fastening of collected surface without it falling apart during use.


Antibacterial additive prevents proliferation of bacteria on the surface of products

Small size

Maximum area covered by 1 box (8 puzzles) equals 0.5 m2!

Uniqueness and security

Each massage mat is uniquely authored. The security mark on the reverse side of each puzzle confirms the originality of the products.


Authenticity of information is supported by facts


Structure of materials of ORTO mats (PVC, WPC) allows it to maintain the form – there is no shrinkage deformation, and due to its content, the mat does not allow penetration of dust particles, while maintaining the amazing outward appearance